Born in Bitola,R.Macedonia 21.04.1977



Bachelar of murals

Faculty- National Art Academy-“Nikolay Pavlovich”, Sofia, R. Bulgaria

Graduation – 2001

+Pedagogical faculty of Fine Arts-Sofia,Bulgaria


M A degree in byzantine arts- Academy SPC for Art and conservation,Belgrade,Serbia

Graduation -2016



2003 and current-Proffessor of art education  in OU Stiv Naumov-Bitola,R.Macedonia



Art projects:


2000- Frescos in “St.Trojca” church- Kalishta, R.Bulgaria


2001- Mural in a private house- Pancharevo, R.Bulgaria


2002- Mural in a private house- Bitola


2003-Mural in private house –Skopje


2004-Mural in the school OU Stiv Naumov Bitola


2006- Iconostasis in “Sue Rajder”-rest-home- Bitola


2007-Icons and frescoes in church


Art Exhibitions:


1997-group exhibition- Cultural Centre-Bitola


2003-exhibition – Heraklea, Bitola-Cultural Centre’s lobby


2003-exhibition  – Youth Cultural Centre- Skopje


2004-group exhibition with “DLUB”-Gallery –Bitola


2005-group exhibition for the 4th November with “DLUB”-Gallery –Bitola


2006-group exhibition with “DLUB”-Gallery –Bitola


2006-group exhibition with “DLUB”-Cultural Centre-Prilep


2007-group exhibition – Cultural Centre’s lobby- Bitola


2008-individual exhibition – “Magaza”-Bitola


2009-individual exhibition – Cultural Centre- Prilep


2010-group exhibition of contepmrorary iconoraphers in Bitola


2010-2014 attended in the classes for contemprorary Byzantine iconography of prof.Dr. Georgios Kordis in Athens, Greece


2010-participation in the symposium for modern Byzantine iconography in St.Petersburg,


2011-individual exhibition -Ohrid,R.Macedonia


2011-individual exhibition -Gevgelija,R.Macedonia

2011-individual exhibition -Shtip,R.Macedonia

2011-Participation in the Second Bienale of church art in Veliko Trnovo-Bulgaria

2012-Group exhibition in Svalbard,Norway with group Eikona

2012-Group exhibition in Athens,Greece

2012-Ehxibition”Writhing with the light”-Bitola ,gallery Magaza

2012-Participation in group exhibition for the life of St.Maxim the confessor-Belgrade,Serbia

2012-group exhibition in Sofia,Bulgaria

2012-5th International symposium of Contemporary Byzantine iconography –“Modern art and byzantine  iconography” in Bucharest,Romania

2013-Participation in group exhibition-Contemporary iconography in Mladenovac,Serbia

2013-Participation in group exhibition -Modern iconography-Lazarevac,Serbia

12013-Ehxibition-Slavica Mihalova&Giorgi Hatzis-Magaza,Bitola

2013-Ehxibition-Slavica Mihalova&Giorgi Hatzis,Florina-Greece

2013-Exhibition -Byzantium Museum-Athens,Greece

2014-Exhibition with group Eikona-Institut culturel bulgare 28,rue de Boetle-Paris,France

2014 Israel -Erusalim ,, Yad Vashem, New Witnesses to the Holocaust


2015-Exibition DLUB-Magaza Bitola


2016-Exhibition DLUB-Bitola




Conservation and restoration of the interior painting decorations in private homes in the central city core protected Bitola.

2005, 2004 and 2003

Conservation and restoration of icons from the church of Mother of God, Bitola Institute and Museum Bitola

2003, 2002

Reconstruction of facades of Main Street, the Institute and Museum Bitola.

April-August 2003

Protective conservation interventions mosaics discovered    Plaosnik Ohrid

2002 May-August

Protective conservation interventions mosaics discovered   Plaosnik Ohrid – Institute and Museum Bitola.


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